Our helpdesk service provision goes far beyond enquiry logging and resolution tracking, we understand that this service is a vital element of ensuring first class FS service delivery, improving employee morale and increasing overall productivity. We believe in providing your staff with direct and rapid access to a range of expertise and advice whilst gaining critical management information on asset and contract performance.

The Aktrion FS helpdesk service will ensure that all requests and issues are dealt with professionally and promptly. Our staff will take responsibility for the performance delivered, our team are well trained and pay attention to every detail, and they are supported by the latest technology to help them fulfil their role and deliver the high standard of service you can expect.

Aktrion FS helpdesk delivers

  • Dedicated 24/7 helpdesk – operated by fully trained technicians who can respond quickly to address issues and help prevent escalation.
  • Call logging and tracking – via our computer aided facilities management (CAFM) system to provide consistent service resolution
  • Web based access – for immediate live updates, information and reports
  • Bespoke management reporting – for better asset lifecycle and performance and reduced costs
  • Improved productivity– through actively managing resolutions and service delivery.

Whether you have an existing help desk operating that we can support or enhance or you are seeking a new solution, we will work in partnership with you, drawing on our expertise whilst delivering a tailor made solution for you and your staff.